What Is A Relapse And Why Does It Occur?

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Drug addiction and the procedure of recovering from it is treated as taboo in our society. It has always been muttered no matter how severe the condition is. But, it is time to change this scenario. Whether we like it or not, more and more people indulge themselves in the evil of drug addiction. Many are even going through the recovering process. But, it is the recovery process, and the time after recovery is not always rainbows and sunshine. Many drug abusers in opioid treatment centers even face relapse. It is time that we educate ourselves about the relapse of any drug addict.

What Is A Relapse?

When trying to understand what a relapse is, you need to first accept the drug abuser as human and make mistakes. This is an issue faced in many suboxone treatment clinics. A drug abuser, whether going through or completed the recovery process, resumes the use of drugs at any given point. This resumption of drugs is known as relapse.

Relapse is nothing uncommon and is seen in many drug abusers post or during their recovery procedure at the drug treatment centers. People may have one or more relapses. Leaving the usage of drugs is only a matter of practice. People with past or present drug addiction can slip up and gain escape by resuming the drug use. It can be compared to dieting to an extent. When you are on a diet, you may slip up and eat food that you are not allowed to.

Why Does it Occur?

Relapse during the recovery period from drug abuse is not uncommon. It is common for people in recovery centers for drug abuse to undergo relapse at least once. But, it is essential to know why it occurs. Read along to understand the reasons why relapse occurs –

Facing Negative Emotions Most of the people admitted to any of the opioid treatment centers near me have sorted to drug use to escape from the hard reality and negative emotions that might have bothered them. They can face a relapse while undergoing a recovery process for the same. They may feel the sadness and the depression engulfing them at any given point.

  • Visiting People or Places Related to Patient’s Addiction 

It is a bitter truth that the people who previously participated in the addictive behavior of the patient are one of the many primary triggers of relapse. Hence, meeting or going to a place related to the addictive behavior can trigger a relapse. The worst part of all is that the patient may not be able to avoid these people or the places. 

  • Directly or Indirectly Witnessing Drug Usage by Others 

When a patient witnesses any usage of drug they used to, whether it is direct or indirect, it can trigger them to presume the same as well. It can make the patient want to use the drug again, causing a relapse. This issue is pretty common in drug treatment centers near meIt can be just a scene in a movie or witnessing any rookie selling or dealing with drugs.

  • Stress 

One of the many reasons behind a relapse is stress. Not to mention it is the topmost cause of relapse. People who are striving to recover from their drug addiction tend to cope up with the stress by resuming the usage of drugs, which ultimately leads to relapse. It is a problem faced by many patients at the suboxone clinics near me.

  • Celebration 

It is quite commonly seen in people that they have gone through a relapse during any time of celebration. Multiple patients who went through treatments at recovery centers near me have faced relapse. The presence of alcohol, drugs, cannabis, or even cigarette can trigger the relapse in any drug addict even after they have recovered.

Education on these issues will help us built a better society.