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Your constant support throughout your recovery journey

With the alarming increase of narcotic usage day by day, drug and substance abuse has become a global problem. Drug addiction is now responsible for millions of deaths annually. But thankfully, like many other diseases, drug addiction and substance dependence can be treated with the help of advanced medical methodologies. Recovery Connection was established for precisely this purpose.

Even though many drug treatment facilities have emerged across the nation, the holistic treatment approach and state-of-the-art facilities of Recovery Connection stands out prominently from the crowd.

We understand that recovering from drug dependence is not easy and demands much more than just motivation. Moreover, we know that drug addiction can affect anyone, irrespective of gender or background. Rather, addiction is a consequence of deeper physical & emotional complexities. At Recovery Connection, we focus on an individualist approach to treatment that provides a unique recovery experience.

Monitored treatment plans for effective de-addiction

Recovery Connection is committed to providing dedicated treatment programs through personalized plans while at the same time ensuring high-quality treatment to everyone. We proceed with the treatment only after gaining a deeper understanding of your current situation. After identifying the root cause of your addiction and pointing out the triggers, we devise a customized, sustainable, holistic, and integrated recovery plan that combines medication-assisted treatments with behavioral therapies.

The monitored treatments from Recovery Connection include:

  • Therapeutic detoxification
  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Effective medication management
  • Behavioral and cognitive therapy
  • Psycho - sociological rehabilitation
  • Complete physical, psychological, and emotional upliftment
  • Psychological counseling for anxiety, depression and other related mental ailments

No matter whether you are suffering from illicit drug dependence or opioid abuse, Recovery Connection is always there to provide a non-judgemental, friendly hand towards recovery. We equip you with healthy coping mechanisms and aid you in your fight against addiction 24/7.